Corporate Governance & Annual Reports

Corporate Scorecard

Oona Insurance puts trust as its foremost value and adheres to globally accepted good Corporate Governance standards and practices. In line with the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard, Oona Insurance’s compliance with the five areas of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) corporate governance methodology is disclosed and may be reviewed following the links below.

Corporate Governance

Other Document and Policies

Corporate Policies ( As per year of Issuance / Revision)

2011 Whistle Blowing Channel

2013 Complaints Management Unit Manual

2015 Business Continuity Policy

2015 Corporate Security Policy

2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

2015 Directors Selection Policy

2015 Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy

2015 Environmental Policy

2015 Fit and Proper Policy of the MAPFRE Group

2015 Policy on Health, Well-Being and Prevention

2015 Promotion, Selection and Mobility Policy

2015 Respect for People Policy

2016 Communication Policy of the MAPFRE Group

2016 Compensation Policy

2016 Dividend Policy

2016 Management Organizational Chart and Corporate Structure of MAPFRE Group

2016 Policy of the Compliance Function of the MAPFRE Insular (Revised) PDF

2016 MAPFRE Subsidiary – Framework for Board of Directors

2017 Code of Good Corporate Governance (revised)

2017 Institutional, Business and Organizational Principles

2017 Related Party Transactions Policy

2017 Risk Management Policy of the MAPFRE Group

2017 – Evaluation Questionnaire – Board of Directors (Template)

2017 – Evaluation Report – Board of Directors ( Template )

2017 MAPFRE M&A Procedures

2017 MAPFRE Circular – Annual Self-Evaluation of the Performance of the Board of Directors

2017 Notice of Board Meeting (With Board Papers)

2018 Code of Ethics and Conduct (revised)

2018 Internal Control Policy of the MAPFRE Group (revised)

2018 Annual Self-Evaluation for BDO Performance

OFW Certificate of Accreditation and Authority

Audit Charter

Board Remuneration Policy

Corporate Sustainability Policy

Anti-Corruption Policy

MAPFRE Group Solvency II Policies

Director Selection Policy (Updated)

Annual Reports